Friday, December 17, 2010

Helping Others Through our Pain

Our beautiful little community has lost another one too soon......we have another Mother, Father, Sister, Grandmother, Aunt,Uncle, Cousin, and many other family members and friends that are hurting from the loss of a young man in our community. Although I know this family well in our small town you might not see people everyday or it might be months, but we tend to love, pray, and be there for each other. This Mother just buried her Father one week ago. I never thought I would add another role to who I am and had no idea when I was running to Wal Mart that I would reach out...but today I felt the overwhelming need to just go hug, hold, and whisper words that might help this Mother through this difficult time.....all I could say was let your friend and family lift and love you through this time, keep looking up and asked God to help you through the next moment, the next second. I could so recognize the look in her eyes of having a part of one's soul missing. I have had that look for 8 months, for when you lose a child no matter what age they are, you lose part of your heart and soul.
I know that God helps us in the same way we must help each other as he felt the same pain we feel when his son was on the cross and died for us. This is what sustains me in my deepest hours that through Jesus dying on the cross, I am assured my loved ones and I will have eternal life and will be together again. Although things are out of order for those of us that lose a child before we pass on...please pray for our community and this family right now and in the days ahead. I just had a dear friend bury her son at 53, this young man was in his early twenties, my son was 32.....the one thing a Mother mourning does not need to hear is ...this is God's plan or it will get better. I am sure that God has a plan, but I am not sure we will ever know or need to know that plan and at this point I don't scream and cry as in the first few hours, days, weeks, but the pain, the hurt, the realization that this is not a night mare and someone is not going to turn on the lights is not going to happen. My love and prayers to this family. Love and hugs to all, P


  1. Okay, I don't know how to edit and my grammar is really poor and my spelling.

  2. I left you a comment on yesterday's post but do not see it today. If you deleted it because I may have offended you , I am sorry that was not my intentions. I hope that it is not there because I forgot to click the "post comment" button. I am glad you followed your heart and inner voice and went to minister to that mother today. You blessed her by your love and concern. I am praying for you, your friends and your community .

  3. RMSLIL, no I did not see a comment yesterday, thank you for your kind words. Not many people read my blog, thank you for praying for all of us.