Sunday, April 19, 2009

How can I be this old and still have acne breakouts!

Being from a small town, does not allow for me to spend time in a store that has all products that I love. Well with a recent trip last week I got to spend a little time in Ulta. I needed some new OPI polish, some of that stuff you drip on to make your nails dry fast, and hair spray. I don't think I have ever used a complete botttle of hair care products, only to find that when I did my hair last week and went to spray on my Sebastian Shaper hair spray there was not one spray left causing my hair to be flatter and more out of control than usual. Since I was at my brother's house I was out of luck as I am not sure he even has a hair brush at his house. I actully splurged on a new concealer for my dark circles both above and below my eyes. The funny thing was after I got my necessites, I found myself following an older lady with pretty skin around the store as she carefully selected her face care products. It seems that no matter what I use, I still have breakouts when stressed like I did when I was 14 years old. The amazing thing was this lady did not purchase any big name products, but most every thing in her basket could be purchased at Wal Mart, but I guess girls at any age just love shopping in a store dedicated to us. I also do not feel so bad now using my Ponds Moisturizer and can splure on that occasional 24.oo concealer that still does not hide my circles. Well someday I will figure out how to post pictures this this blog, until then find time to go on a just for you shopping trip, even if it is to your local Wal Mart.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I so totally do not know what I am doing and most all of the blogs I follow are written by very young, trendy, got it all together individuals. Well it seems like only yesterday day that I was very young, maybe not so trendy, and had it somewhat together. It just seems that the older one becomes the more you realize that you probably did not have it all together and probably never will. My blogs may be corny, but hopefully I will have fun doing this and will meet some fellow bloggers that have been there, done that also. I also look forward to following all of my young blogger friends as they journey through young adulthood.
Later, Miss P