Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a couple of day! My husband has something wrong with his knee, his good knee that has not been operated on and is flat of his back. My son (oldest has been a little mischeivous), my Dad is getting weaker and just lost his billfold yesterday during his trip to the clinic for chemotherapy with something like 1,500 cash.....which makes me think about a time when you could carry a billfold with cash and know that when it was found it would be returned to you with the cash. It just seems important to men my Dad's age (75) to be able to carry their billfold with money. He had absolutely no place that he would spend that money yesterday and has been told over and over, Dad you don't need to carry that much money...but yet we have lost a billfold with a lot of cash. I am praying that some good person will turn the billfold in or that Dad might have lost it at home or in the car...although they have searched and searched for it. It was only money!
Later and hugs, P

Monday, November 2, 2009

Give Away

I love the fact that bloggers have given aways. My sweet neighbor girl Britney over at DaveandBritplusone are giving away a cute sign from My Flip Flopz. Check out Brit's blog and her cute baby girl, Miss K (Kennedy) and sweet hubby Dave. They are the sweetest, best family this girl knows.