Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At a loss...

This week has been rough....I am not sure if it is the weather, snow and ice and more snow and ice and cold weather. It is also the week of my Dad passing to heaven on January 8, 2010. I miss my sweet son Corey, I miss my husband, Randy. My heart feels as though it has a huge hole in it that will never heal. I know that part of my sadness has to do with the loss of another person in our community and my family that has caused sadness for my loved ones and friends. How do you begin to describe a man that taught first grade, was principal at our elementary school, was a college professor, could play a piano and sing like an angel, was the master of event planning, could tell great stories, could cook right up there with Paula Deen, was a Christian, friend, mentor, and oh so much more! Oh and I don't think I ever saw him lose his "cool." When I was unable to think and called him to come to me to help plan my Corey's funeral, he was there, when I was shattered with Randy's sudden death and called for him and said, "Jerry, you have to do this, I am at a loss, he planned everything and it was perfect. He was such an awesome man and had made this world a happier, better place. He was honored by a beautiful celebration of his life on Sunday with beautiful music, beautiful words from so many people and such outpouring of love from his Church and community. I know today is a hard day for his wife, Jenn, the Fish family, and other friends as he would have been 58 years old today. Another one taken too soon from us, but we do not know the plan that God has for any of us. Happy Birthday in Heaven Mr. Waddell. We loved you and will always have wonderful memories of the times we shared with you. I borrowed my sweet Claire's facebook picture of Mr. Waddell at an earlier birthday to share. I am blessed to have called you my friend.


  1. I love you P. I love this picture of Jerry and Claire. Such a special picture. I'm glad she has it today to flood her heart and soul with sweet memories. I love you and am praying for you always.

  2. Wow, sounds like an amazing guy! :)