Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Weather making me Blue

I usually love this time of year, but it has gotten so cold that it seems we have just skipped fall and went straight to winter. I hate to sleep with socks, but cannot get my feet warm and hate turning on the heat so early. One good think about wearing socks to bed is when you lotion your feet it makes them feel so good the next day.
I also have gotten so very bad news about my Father who has been battling lung cancer for 3 years. He has a progression with his metastasis now in the left lung and the mets have gotten bigger in the adrenal bed. Please pray that they can give him something to help slow the progression. I had a breakdown and let myself cry after getting home from spending time with the radiologist reviewing the CT scan. I know that death will eventually happen to all of us and that I have to lose my parents, but that does not make what we are facing any easier.
I do smile at some postings of one of my favorite girls, now married with a baby girl at
daveandbritplusone. Baby K is growing and has the sweetest smile a baby girl could ever have.
Love, P

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